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"Hi and thanks for calling, I'm not able to take your call, but if you leave your name and number, I'll get back to you as soon as I'm off the water." Typical fishing guide. Between stalking Great Lakes Salmonids Fall through Spring and floating the Gold Medal waters of the Vail and Roaring Fork Valleys, I stay pretty busy. Not to mention the fun trips to the salt, that leaves just enough time to get the bow dialed and figure out where the Elk are. And why not? From the breathtaking scenery of Colorado to the sand dunes of Lake Michigan, what a playground. And it just so happens there are trophy fish waiting for you to play tug o' war.

Jeff with silvery hen.

On The Fly Expeditions is recognized as a premier outfitter for fly fishing trophies in West Michigan. In conjunction with Gore Creek Fly Fisherman, our guide service provides dry fly, streamer and indicator fishing on those picturesque Western streams you read about in travel magazines. From beginner instruction to fine tuning salty clients, we work with you to ensure you take more away than grip and grin photos and sore shoulders. We'll get your skills dialed from casting to entomology to equipment, leaving you with a sense of accomplishment to go along with your memory of that tuna barge that broke you off.

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